Making A Splash With Colours

As we move into the second half of the year, FDM Asia rounds up some of the hottest colours of 2016 and share which ones would likely continue to make waves even when 2017 arrives. Keeping abreast of these trends will help your business make the best of them.

Pastel Pink and Blue

The blend of these two shades is what Pantone, a company that provides colour systems for designers across all industries, had named colour of the year. This is the first time the company, which announces a colour of the year annually, has chosen two colours as Pantone Colour of the Year. 


Reflecting a softer take on colour this year, the balance between the warmer, blush hue,Rose Quartz (Pantone 13-1520), and cool, tranquil blue shade,Serenity (Pantone15-3919),represents connection, wellness and a soothing sense of peace, Executive Director of Pantone Colour Institute LeatriceEiseman said. 


The soothing combination of colours is inspired by the desire for security and wellness amidst modern-day stresses. The choice of colours also reflects how the 


What this means for the furniture business: 

Having two hues in one colour of the year could well mean double the possibilities! The colours can be used individually or together and on walls, furniture and other furnishings to create so many different looks. 


1. You can make furniture of in either of or both of these shades. Incorporating textured fabrics and different kinds of materials into your pieces will make them more interesting. 


2.  Create pieces that complement these colours. There is no hard and fast rule for determining what would work well and it also depends on whether the colours are used on walls or on furnishings and how much they are used in a space. Any shade of yellow, grey and white will go beautifully with Rose Quartz and Serenity.Incorporate them in the form of unconventional pieces and patterned textiles for a bold and lively atmosphere like the one in Look 1. Pop art-inspired pieces will also work for the adventurous seeking a louder look.


This dining room shows how you do not have to go all out to fill the room with the on-trend colours to make them work. A little goes a long way here. The pale wood floor and table, pastel coloured walls and cute-classy prints all come together to create a chic and calming atmosphere. At the same time, the metallic rose gold lamps add a dose of understated glamour. 


What this means for the furniture business: 

Wood works very well with Rose Quartz and Serenity and light-coloured wood floors, walls and doors provide the perfect canvas for the use of these colours. Metal in all finishes also complement either of these two colours so it can be used in furniture in a room where they are used or in accessories like lamps and tableware.


Muted Gold

AkzoNobel, a Dutch multinational company that specialises in paints, coatings and speciality chemicals and owns well-known paint brands Dulux, ICLA and Zweihorn among many others, had announced 20YY 36/370 F1.34.58, Cherished Gold, as its colour of the year. 


Each year, the company invites international experts from various design disciplines to discuss and forecast global design trends. Colour experts at the company’s Global Aesthetic Center, ColourFutures will then translate these trends into colour selections for the different industries that the company deals with, including woodworking. 


For 2016, the overriding trend is ‘looking both ways’: an approach that combines tradition and modern innovation, one that looks to the past for inspiration to design for the future. The designers had observed elements of gold showing up in key trends for 2016. Among them is the appreciation of heritage and the contrast between darkness and light. 


The gold ochre tone that Cherished Gold is makes it a great complement to several key colour palettes conjured up based on these key trends. 


What this means for the furniture business: 

The versatility of this gold lends itself well to an array of applications in home décor. Because the colour works amazingly with all shades of brown and grey, there is plenty of potential to use it with natural materials like wood, straw and raffia in any space. 


Whether you combine them in a single piece of furniture or not, putting them together is a foolproof way to apply this colour trend. Cherished Gold also goes well with matte black finishes and warm metallic tones. 



Yes, shades of cream, beige and grey are prominent this year and are expected to still be next year. In fact, this love for neutrals has been showing up on social media; Elle Décor reported that pins with grey wood flooring has increased by more than 20 percent since last year. The love for grey has also seen the popularisation of greige—a blend of grey and beige. 


On top of that, the concept of less is more is still very much in favour as the interest in minimalistic décor remains strong. As such, neutrals that embody the simplicity of minimalism, as well as black and white, are expected to remain relevant. It doesn’t come as a surprise that two major paint manufacturers Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams have both selected shades of white as their colours of the year. 


What this means for the furniture business: 

Decorating a space with neutral colours doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Using different shades of neutrals add dimension to a space, and furniture in a variety of these shades can be used to furnish spaces whether they are painted and floored in neutral hues orin darker colours. 


Instead of sticking to shades of white for furniture and restricting other neutrals to walls and flooring, why not use grey and beige shades on coffee tables, cabinets and other pieces of furniture?


Wood and other natural materials come in numerous neutral shades and incorporating them into furniture is an easy way to take advantage of this colour trend. The persistent desire for minimalistic looks and simplified lives is expected to translate into demand for furniture that has clean lines and is possibly multifunctional. 


As neutral s provide a good backdrop against which furniture can stand out, bold pieces in intense colours may be of interest to buyers too. In line with the trend of contrasting light with darkness, there are infinite possibilities as to how neutrals can be used with darker shades.


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