As the effects of the China-US trade war continue to intensify, countries around the world are adjusting in face of the new opportunities and challenges. ITTO shares more on the…

Tropical Timber Market Report

Tropical Timber Market Report

Tropical Timber Market Report

Edgebanding is an important part of furniture making that is easy to overlook. With Asian consumers demanding products of higher quality, edgebanding can become a deciding factor in purchase decisions.…

Adhesive Solutions That Drive Sustainable Development

The Supply Chain Manager's Guide To The Furniture Industry

25 Years Of Criteria & Indicators For Sustainable Forest Management

Different types of dryers are available however; it is known that rotary dryers have low cost of maintenance and consume 15 percent and 30 percent less in terms of specific…

Sustainable Development In The Era of Industry 4.0

Importance Of Spare Parts

Woodworking Product Innovations

For next season, it’s all about adding a new twist to popular trends for a refreshing change in the home. Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice, dishes on…

Daylight Control In A Historical Building

Environmentally Friendly Furniture Production

Putting Furniture In The Best Light

Thermoplastic films exhibit good potential to be used as adhesives for the production of veneer-based composites. This work presents the first effort to develop and evaluate composites based on alder…

Deforestation Increases The Risk Of Scrub Typhus In Korea

Causes And Suggestion For Deforestation In Malawi

Socioeconomic Impacts Of Forest Fires Upon Forestry Sector

Countries worldwide have launched various initiatives and adopted certification schemes to ensure the responsible and sustainable management and utilisation of forest. To fully understand the meaning of “sustainability”, one should…

Environmental Emissions From Sawmilling

Following The Peninsular Malaysia Footprint

Malaysia Goes Green

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