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As part of our continued efforts in striving for excellence, FDM Asia has revamped our official website to offer greater accessibility to the readers and more flexibility to our clients.

Create an online presence and build your company’s digital portfolio with our rich array of customisable web advertising options based on your marketing needs and connect with potential customers in the electronic age.

Currently, the average website ( traffic is about 47,650hit/month,  the data is growing consistently.

Database Rental

You can use our exclusive database rental service to reach out to over 26,850 (and still growing) potential customers based on demographics or geographical locations.

Website Advertising

Be seen on a leading woodworking website to establish your brand to the world, we can provide you with the option of top banner and portal banner.

Special Article Sponsorship

You can publish feature articles with diversified themes to reach out to the extensive network of online readers.

eNewsletter Sponsorship

Send your message to subscribers of eFDM Asia, who are professionals in the woodworking industry throughout Asia and other parts of the world. Our interactive eBook will take your advertising campaign to a whole new level.

Wallpaper Sponsorship

Advertisements on wallpapers remain even when the eBook is archived on our official website. This means that your message will be seen by anyone who accesses the digital version of our magazine at anytime.

Video Sponsorship

A live video of product process, machine or technology demonstration will be added to your advertisement page, readers will be impressed by this vivid presentation of your products.

Print Media

Thank you for your interest in FDM Asia Magazine. Simply fill up the response form below and our sales representatives will get in touch with you shortly.

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FDMAsia About Us

For almost 30 years, FDM Asia has been the publication of choice for woodworking professionals in Asia Pacific, providing the latest news and expert insights of a diverse range of topics including process technologies, furniture production, panels manufacturing, raw materials handling and sustainability issues.

We have one of the most comprehensive woodworking database and e-media programme to assist you in your e-marketing and give you an exclusive opportunity to connect to our 25,152 online subscribers.